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Teeth Whitening Kit
Teeth Whitening Kit
Teeth Whitening Kit
Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth Whitening Kit

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Teeth Whitening Kit is a new technology that dentists, orthodontists, and celebrities all over the world have been using it to whiten their teeth within minutes, and it is the future of teeth whitening! People all over the Internet have been talking about the new White Light Teeth Whitener.

Teeth Whitening Kit is a FDA Compliant, revolutionary teeth whitening LED light that helps you achieve faster, longer-lasting results within MINUTES! The White Light Teeth Whitener illuminates a brilliant blue LED light as it gently warms up. It rapidly removes surface stains and also penetrates deep to lift out embedded stains. Your teeth will be white within a single use, and you can use it as often as needed to get the results you want!


Other teeth whitening products rarely live up to their claims, so it is important that you choose a quality product that is FDA Compliant, and a dental office grade product that works within minutes, and not something that you can get at the corner drug store. The cheaper alternatives do not use our most effective specially formulated 35% Hybrid Carbamide Peroxide solution.

Professionals throughout the Dental Industry have been recommending Teeth Whitening Kit and now it has been released to the public!

Package includes:

  • 10 x Whitening Gel (3 ml each).
  • 2 x Latest design thermoform single arch trays.
  • 1 x Mini cold light whitening lamp.
  • 1 x Professional 3D Teeth Shade Guide.